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Broadband Internet solutions

Wireless Internet Service Provider the Wireless Internet Service Provider System (WISP) is an integrated Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) system of connecting customers to the Internet. High-speed wireless data links are used to provide Internet access on a point-to-point and point-to-multipoint basis, for companies, governmental organizations, schools, universities and other institutions having Local Area Networks (LAN).

We provide cost-effective Wireless Solutions to customers who need new products and services integrated into their existing systems and business processes. Our ability to leverage state-of-the-art technical solutions into everyday business applications has placed us in the forefront of wireless systems integration and service.

ll Digital Networks Wireless services, can be fully customized to meet the requirements of your business, delivers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited 24/7 Internet Access
  • A scaleable, high speed Internet connection, with speeds up to 10Mbps
  • A more cost effective, high performance alternative to dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, T1, T3 and Fiber Optic's.
  • An 'Always-On' connection - eliminates time wasted dialing in, waiting for emails and web pages to load
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Fast, professional installation Getting started with Digital Networks Wireless service is quick, easy and trouble free. A typical installation takes between one and two hours

The WISP can be obtained from Digital Networks as ready to install Base Station and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). All necessary parts of the wireless links are available as well.